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The Sims FreePlay Now Lets Your Sims Become Pregnant


The Sims FreePlay Now Lets Your Sims Become Pregnant

The Sims’ mobile version, The Sims FreePlay, has introduced a new gameplay mechanic that fans have been asking for: the Pregnancy Update. It introduces a new “pregnancy experience” that’s not been in the game before, and will allow players to emulate real-life pregnancies along with the milestones that come in tandem with it.

As a result, if your Sim is pregnant, they’ll grow a baby bump over trimesters, and will need to attend pregnancy doctor’s appointments, prenatal yoga and aerobics classes, nursery decorating, baby showers, maternity clothing shopping events, and more. It’ll be like getting pregnant in real life, without all that whole messy “having a baby” thing.

When the baby finally gets there in the game, you can take part of the Day Care Live event, where you can create your own Day Care, take care of babies and toddlers, and interact with them with various items in-game. Play Kitchens, Reading Islands, Change Tables, and even a Toddler Playground rife with toys for kids to enjoy are being added to the game. These events can be played during June 19 for 8 days for the A Bump-y Road Discovery Quest, and starting June 24 for Day Care Live Event, for 10 days.

Now get out there and start getting some pregnant Sims out into the world! Your Sims game could use more bouncing bundles of joy, right?

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