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Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion DLC Available Now

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Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion DLC Available Now

Surprising many people just a day after E3, Nintendo has suddenly released the newest major DLC for Splatoon 2, the massive single player extension the Octo Expansion.

The Octo Expansion DLC is a massive single-player focused expansion to Splatoon 2, which features a massive boost of content in addition to building onto the story and lore of the Splatoon universe. The expansion has you playing as an Octoling named Agent 8, and you have just awoken on a mysterious subway platform shrouded in darkness with no understanding of who you are or how you got there. You then discover a mysterious testing facility of some sort hidden in the underground, and must conquer over 80 new single player missions in order to break free to the surface and reach Inkopolis.

Aside from playing through this new side-campaign as Agent 8, Nintendo has listed a ton of extra benefits and unlockables to be earned through the Octo Expansion. Some of these include:

  • Take on a variety of mission types packed with new challenges you won’t find in the main game
  • Complete the campaign to unlock Octolings (Girl or Boy) as playable characters in multiplayer* battles
  • Clear additional challenges to unlock more than 10 new pieces of in-game gear
  • Purchase this DLC for immediate access to octo-themed in-game gear (Studio Octophones & Octo Layered LS)

The Octo Expansion marks the first major single player update made for either of the two Splatoon games. The original title on Wii U has a short campaign mode that lasted most people around 5 hours, while gradually releasing both free and paid multiplayer content over the course of months and years. Splatoon 2 has taken the same approach so far since its release until now, which should hopefully help to satiate those who enjoyed the challenges and unique mechanics present in the game’s single player campaign, which did not translate to multiplayer.

The Octo Expansion is available now as DLC for Splatoon 2 on Nintendo Switch. The Octo Expansion costs US $19.99.


This post was originally written by Greyson Ditzler.

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