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Sony Announces Days Gone for Upcoming February Release

days gone, e3 2017

Sony Announces Days Gone for Upcoming February Release

Sony has finally confirmed a release date for the zombie-centric title Days Gone. We can expect to see it drop February 22, 2019.

Sony Bend’s upcoming title will have you fighting off zombie “freakers” when the end of the world comes, as everything is out to get you. On that note, the game’s tagline is “The World Come For You,” as the new clip demonstrates quite well. Everything from infected biker gangs, birds, and bears are out to feast on you, so beware while you’re out on your travels.

The new trailer introduces several of the new threats you have to look forward to, like mountain lions, cougars, and even infected ravens knwn as Criers. It also shows off a new enemy human faction known as Rest In Peace, a cult that actually worships the Freakers. They’re called Rippers, and will kill anyone on sight who isn’t a part of their grotesque group. Rippers won’t even kill Freakers if faced with particularly dangerous situations, so that will make for some interesting dynamics as you play through Days Gone.

There are also three new characters shown off in the trailer, one of whom you’ve met before: William “Boozer” Gray, who was initially introduced back in the reveal trailer in 2016. He’s one of Deacon’s friends, and an integral part of the story. Alkai Turner, the Hotsprings survivor encampment arms dealer is also present, as well as former prison matron Ada Tucker. She runs the Hotsprings camp.

Check out the new sneak peek at Days Gone ahead of E3 2018, and we’ll be bringing you more early PlayStation reveals as they occur this week before the big showcase is upon us.

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