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Nintendo Unveils Daemon X Machina With New Trailer


Nintendo Unveils Daemon X Machina With New Trailer

Daemon X Machina, a new title in the vein of the Armored Core series, has been unveiled by Nintendo with a new teaser trailer.

Shown during the publisher’s E3 2018 press conference, the game offers a wide variety of mechs to choose from and an even wider array of different weapons for them to equip. From machine guns and rocket launchers to massive beam sabers, players can take to the land and sky with whatever armament they choose in whatever design of mech speaks most to them.

Using these mechs, players can compete against one another in lightning-fast combat and fight to blow one another’s machines to smithereens. They can also take on massive enemy mechs together, pulling off jaw-dropping combo moves complete with enormous explosive finishes.

This is all set to the game’s art style, which douses the action in a cel-shaded art style full of color, flair and intensity.

The full reveal trailer can be viewed in all its glory down below.

Though no firm release date has been given at this time, Daemon X Machina is set for release on Nintendo Switch in 2019. For more on all of Nintendo’s latest E3 announcements, stay tuned to for the latest news and reveals.

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