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New Overwatch Tease Signals Something New Could Be Coming


New Overwatch Tease Signals Something New Could Be Coming

The official Overwatch Twitter account just posted a looping image of a scene from Overwatch with no other context other than “Calm before the storm.”

There aren’t any new heroes in the frame, no moving characters, or anything to suggest what we might be able to learn from this teaser. Only a soccer ball, various posters, and steam escaping froma vent. The image is called “Posters,” but it’s difficult to figure out what Blizzard could be hinting at.

We could potentially see a new map reveal come out of this, especially as the location doesn’t seem to be a map that’s currently in the game, or perhaps it’s the return of fan-favorite Lúcioball, or something related to it. It could even be time for the next Overwatch hero to make their debut. Whatever the case may be, we may start seeing more clues in the coming days regarding what this image could be referring to. We’re nice and ready for Hero 28, so we’ll make sure we let you know if that’s what this tease happens to be for.

In the meantime, share with us your theories on what Blizzard could be teasing with this crypting new image.

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