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Nearly 70 Percent of Fortnite Players Have Spent Real-Life Money In-Game

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Nearly 70 Percent of Fortnite Players Have Spent Real-Life Money In-Game

Fortnite is still just as massively popular as ever, and it looks like folks are happy to part with their cash when it comes to the game, too. In fact, a recent survey conducted y LendEDU concluded that over half of Fortnite players surveyed have spent real-world cash to play the game. A whopping 69% of players included in the study had paid their hard-earned money for things like skins, emotes, gliders, and various other items you can get in-game.

Out of the 1,000 Fortnite players surveyed who play between six and ten hours per week on the game, 58.9% spent money on cosmetics or characters, while 18.06% got gliders, 13.52% grabbed harvesting tools, and the rest, or 9.52%, bought emotes and other dance moves. Interesting, 20% of people who were surveyed didn’t know that the items weren’t actually available to offer some sort of in-game advantage over others who weren’t willing to spend the money.

These are intriguing insights on the way players spend cash in Fortnite, for sure, as the game is making a massive amount of money. As reported by SuperData, it’s made $318 million across all platforms in May alone, up from $296 million in April. It’s attracting a wild amount of players who are ready to spend on the game, so it’s likely these numbers will simply continue to inflate over time.

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