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Narrative Adventure Twin Mirror Revealed for PlayStation 4


Narrative Adventure Twin Mirror Revealed for PlayStation 4

A new narrative-driven title from Bandai Namco and Dontnod called Twin Mirror has been announced for release in 2019. Players take on the role of a man named Sam, who’s traveled back to his hometown of Basswood, West Virginia, for a funeral. While there, pushing his way through a terrible break-up, he ends up messing about with his old childhood friends, and going back to his hotel afterward. He wakes up to harrowing circumstances in the form of a bloodied shirt in his hotel room the next morning, and no recollection of the events that occurred the night before.

The PlayStation 4 exclusive will task players with putting together the pieces of the mysterious puzzle that’s formed overnight for Sam, as they’ll be forced to make decisions that will carry them through the entirety of the game. Taking cues from Dontnod’s Life is Strange series, Twin Mirror will be a mystery that unravels slowly over the course of the game.

Unfortunately, we don’t know a ton about the upcoming game just yet, as the brief teaser trailer didn’t offer much of an explanation of the events occurring within. It’s certainly a unique direction for the company to go in, however, since previously Dontnod released the darker Vampyr and the more slice-of-life teen drama Life is Strange prior to that. We expect to see more out of Twin Mirror during E3 2018, where we’ll bring you all the additional details we possibly can.

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