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Man Chugs Down Hot Sauce After Wrongly Predicting Fallout 76

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Man Chugs Down Hot Sauce After Wrongly Predicting Fallout 76

The world of gaming has always been one filled with bizarre and strange incidents, and the latest addition comes in the form of a man that actually downed an entire bottle of hot sauce. Why, you ask?

Well, a few days ago during the mysterious Bethesda livestream everyone was making their predictions on what the great reveal would be. One Reddit user, namely The Yadda (aka YouTuber Math), placed his bet on a remaster of Fallout 3 and even went as far as saying that he would down a bottle of hot sauce if he ended up being wrong:

“It’s just gonna be a FO3 remaster, guys. If I’m wrong, I’ll drink this entire 5oz bottle of Tabasco and post a video.”

As we all know now, he was of course wrong. In hindsight, he probably really regrets making that bet as it turned out that Bethesda ended up revealing a brand-new title, Fallout 76. Now while it might have been easy to just ignore the bet and disappear from the internet for a bit, The Yadda kept his promise and posted a Youtube video of him chugging down a whole bottle of Tabasco.

While it admittedly might have been a bit of an impulsive bet to make, The Yadda kept his word and did the fiery deed. Well done for keeping your word Yadda, your intestines have our condolences.

This post was originally written by Wiehahn Diederichs.

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