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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Announced


Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Announced

Finally, after so many years of excitement, the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3 was announced during Sqaure Enix’s Kingdom Hearts orchestral concert. Mark 29th January 2019 in your diaries, it looks like we can finally catch back up with Sora and friends.

We finally have a release date for the long, long awaited Kingdom Hearts 3. You can expect it to hit shelves everywhere on January 29, 2019. Japan will get it a few days earlier on January 25, 2019.

The news broke during Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts orchestral concert and then again online in a video from series director Tetsuya Nomura. There was a small apology for the delays but ultimately, it just feels nice to finally have a concrete date instead of the vague release windows we’ve been given previously.

This of course means that the release window of 2018 is going to be missed. While this is a shame, it makes sense to avoid the latter few months of this year given some of the games being released this holiday period. Maybe the January date will give the game a little bit more success, because while Kingdom Hearts fans are eagerly awaiting it, it is still a somewhat niche title that would struggle against the likes of Red Dead Redemption 2.

This entry sees the player regaining control of Sora, seeking to quell the darkness in some new worlds not seen before in the series like Toy Story. So far the gameplay shown has looking immensely flashy, with Keyblade transformations all over the place and even some giant robots to jump into inside of the toy store in the world of Woody and Buzz.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is currently only heading to PS4 and Xbox One, so the Switch will be missing out on this title, which is probably due to the Switch being nowhere near announced when the game was initially revealed at E3. It does look to be somewhat demanding so it seems unlikely that Nintendo’s hybrid could handle it. Naturally whether the game hits this release date remains to be seen, but we can all live in hope, and at least we finally have a date to expect it.


This post was originally written by Jason Coles.

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