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Get Ready to Rock With Devil May Cry 5 Reveal Trailer

Devil May Cry 5

Get Ready to Rock With Devil May Cry 5 Reveal Trailer

The wait is finally over for Devil May Cry fans with the announcement of Devil May Cry 5, led by DMC 4 protagonist Nero.

Revealed through Microsoft’s E3 2018 press conference, the latest entry offers Nero in high fidelity graphics and high octane demon slaying combat. Tearing through enemies with a new, cybernetic arm after his demonic Demon Bringer is taken by an unknown threat, Nero looks to be answering the call amid a new demonic crisis, with civilians being torn apart by creatures encased in a black, vine-like rot. The trailer also hints that Dante will return to the series as well, with the white haired, red-coated protagonist riding into the fray at the end of the teaser.

Following the trailer’s reveal, series creator Hideki Itsuno took the stage to speak on the title’s creation, calling it the best title he’s ever made. No further details were revealed about the gameplay.

Devil May Cry 5 was later revealed to be set for release on PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One via the game’s official Twitter account, and is currently slated for a spring 2019 release. The full trailer can be viewed down below.

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