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Fallout: New Vegas Mod New California is Releasing This October


Fallout: New Vegas Mod New California is Releasing This October

While Fallout players will have to wait for upcoming Fallout 76 release date, we already know the release for a total conversion mod of Fallout: New Vegas. Fallout: New California is a mod that has been in development for ages, with good reason: It adds enough content that people are calling it a full Fallout game. The mod will be entering the Beta 2.0.0 phase on Oct. 23, 2018, if all goes as planned. That date is important to fans of the franchise, as it is the date of the Great War, the nuclear devastation that left the world as a wasteland.

Fallout: New California has been in development for the past five years, and includes two major story paths, two sub-paths, eight new companions, and several side quests. These are mostly completed, but mod creators Radian-Helix plan on using the months until the October release date to completely finish and flesh out the tree of side quests.

The mod follows a resident of Vault 18, who is forced out of their home by a mysterious enemy force. Going out into the wasteland, you are forced into a conflict between Super Mutants, a Survivalist Army, and the New California Republic. The mod creators have announced that this mod is an unofficial prequel to New Vegas.

The creators have been very active throughout the creation process, announcing their internal achievements through several monthly State of the Mod posts. The mod reached an internal beta phase in march, after nearly five years in a pre-alpha and alpha stage.

If you have been following Fallout mod news, you may remember Fallout: New California under its original development title: Fallout Project Brazil. They announced their change to the official name back in Sept. 2017, but many fans still refer to it with the original name. With old archived mod releases going back as far as May 31, 2013, longtime fans have been waiting for this release for quite awhile, and people just learning about it now can sit back and wait just a few more months till they can play.


This post was originally written by Tyler Krasnai.

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