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The E3 Spider-Man Presentation was Spectacular

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The E3 Spider-Man Presentation was Spectacular

The Internet lost its collective mind when Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 was announced. The game looked like the lovechild of the standout Spider-Man games of yesteryear and the equally-fantastic Batman Arkham games of recent memory (Arkham Knight kinda notwithstanding). The gameplay trailers only gave audiences small glimpses into the game’s style and charm, but thanks to E3, we know just how spectacular the Spider-Man game will be.

As anyone who knows anything about Spider-Man saw coming, Sony’s E3 presentation provided all the wallcrawling and webslinging action we ever could want out of our friendly neighborhood arachnid-themed superhero. But Insomniac Games wasn’t content to rest on its laurels and give us more of the same. Oh no, the studio was positively ecstatic to reveal that the Raft, Marvel’s jail for superpowered criminals, will play a major role in the Spider-Man game. Kinda. The Raft’s inmates will start a jailbreak partway through the game. Not only will players have to fight their way through plenty of would-be escapees (and use more than a few gorgeously choreographed attacks to knock them out), players will also have to dash through the prison in some fast-paced chase scenes.

Since the Raft is full of villains, it will obviously house several familiar faces, including Scorpion, Rhino, Electro, and Vulture. All the Spider-Man game is missing is Doctor Octopus and Mysterio and we’ve got the Sinister Six. Then again, apparently five other major criminals escape from the Raft, so players might encounter Doc Ock and fishbowl face in the game. Plus, the E3 trailer ends before it can reveal the mastermind behind the jailbreak and the gathering of Spider-Man’s most notorious rogues, including Mister Negative. Insomniac ain’t telling who this criminal is, but my money’s on Green Goblin.

Sadly, the E3 trailer does not reveal the release date Spider-Man will swing onto the PlayStation 4, so keep your eyes peeled, true believers, because you can bet this ain’t the end of the news for this spectacular adventure game.

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