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Blizzard Is Hiring for a New, Unnanounced Diablo Project


Blizzard Is Hiring for a New, Unnanounced Diablo Project

Blizzard is apparently hard at work on a new Diablo title, if a new job listing posted on the official Blizzard careers page is to be believed.

“The minions of Hell are growing stronger…” the listing for a Diablo Dungeon Artist reads. “We’re working on a new, unannounced Diablo project. Are you a skilled Dungeon Artist? Come work with us, and together we will build something exceptional.

The job requirements will have you working on the following:

“Modeling and texturing compelling assets. Essential skills include a solid grasp of form, color, and light for both 2D and 3D art assets. You can concept, model, and texture your work! You are also up on the latest tools and technology. The ideal candidate works well in an environment of peers who are passionate about working on the dark gothic world of Diablo, making great games, killing millions of monsters and getting loot!”

The job listing also lists these things as stuff you can “brag about,” but working on a new Diablo game should really be bragging rights enough, to be honest.

  • Work directly with level design to build atmospheric dungeons with a focus on composition, detail and mood, while ensuring that the gameplay space is readable.
  • Author environmental assets for a modern pipeline including modeling, and texturing assets for the Diablo World
  • Work with Lead Environment Artist and the Art Director to ensure all environments are meeting the high-quality bar Blizzard is known for.
  • Serve as an active participant in team art discussions, critiques and reviews.
  • 3+ years’ experience with world building and efficiently putting together in-game environments. Development experience modeling and texturing assets using Maya, ZBrush, and Substance painter/designer.
  • Experience and a portfolio demonstrating assets developed in a modern pipeline and in game examples of World Building.
  • Experience working with a lead artist or art director in developing a unique and cohesive modeling and texturing style for environment assets
  • Proven problem-solving / prototyping ability
  • An exceptional understanding of form, shape, structure, composition and silhouette as it relates to world building and modeling.
  • Able to work creatively as part of a large or small group
  • Ability to mentor junior environment artists and provide meaningful feedback
  • Self-driven, excellent communicator, big picture minded and a model team-player
  • Thinks of themselves as a game developer first, and an artist second
  • A passion for games
  • Organized and can optimize levels and assets for performance and memory.

It looks like we may be hearing about whatever this new Diablo title may be very soon, if Blizzard is now scouting folks to come help out with it. Are you the right person for the job?

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