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Battletoads Return to Xbox One With New Game in 2019


Battletoads Return to Xbox One With New Game in 2019

The toads are back with a new Battletoads, releasing on Xbox One with a new game in 2019, announced during today’s Microsoft E3 2018 show.

Picture it: We live in the year 2018, and a new Battletoads game was just confirmed. Stop and let that sink in for a second, because it’s some of the coolest news we’ve heard all day. It got a quick teaser trailer today during Microsoft’s E3 press briefing, where we learned that it’ll include three-player couch co-op, hand-drawn graphics, and that same Battletoads charm we love and know so well.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get many additional details beyond that. We do know that the Battletoads series has essentially lain dormant since 1991, with no new entries in the series for the past two decades. The fact that the game series is being resurrected for something new almost seems like a cruel joke, but we all saw it together during the stream, right? We’re not dreaming? Besides, you can see it all below in the new trailer, as short as it may be.

It remains to be seen if this vision of Battletoads for the future will be as harsh and unforgiving as the original, but we’ll have to wait quite a while, it seems, to figure that out.

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