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This Week’s Far Cry 5 Community Event Has You Hitting the Arcade

Far Cry 5

This Week’s Far Cry 5 Community Event Has You Hitting the Arcade

The latest round of challenges in Far Cry 5 have begun, and after last week’s “The White Collar Job”, it’s time for something a little different. This one is the “Arcade Noon” event, and it’s based on just what it sounds like: going to the Arcade. Sounds easy enough, right? Players will need to head to any arcade booth 20 times to get 100 XP and 50 cash, but if you do so 40 times, you’ll get 100 XP and the M9 “Red Flag” pistol for your, er, hard work.

Each week, there are special new Far Cry 5 community-based missions with ever-changing objectives for players to complete. “The White Collar Job” had players killing of Jacob’s Judges enemies or wolf, with arrows. If you collected 10 wolf collars you’d get XP, cash, and the Shovel Launcher. The new community reward was a sharp new outfit.

The community goal to earn this week’s reward is 1 million, and you’ll get clothing that’s deputy-themed. It looks pretty interesting if the community can manage to snap it up. This week’s Arcade Noon event is going on from now until May 15, and it’ll change up the following Tuesday. Make sure you pay attention as the events rotate out, so you’re not wasting your time chasing an award that’s already passed.

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