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STALKER 2 Was Announced so Early so Devs Could Seek a Publisher


STALKER 2 Was Announced so Early so Devs Could Seek a Publisher

STALKER 2 was previously announced quite early, far earlier than most games end up being fully unveiled. As it turns out, that’s because GSC Game World was indeed looking for a publisher for the game. If you thought it was a little fishy that there wasn’t any additional information floating around about it other than a logo and a reveal, you weren’t the only one.

The other weird part about the reveal was the fact that the teaser also pointed to a 2021 release target. According to Epic’s director of publishing, Sergey Galyonkin, the game is still stuck in the design document stage and seeking a publisher. Galyonkin discussed this during the Russian “How to make games” podcast, where he stated that the announcement was made ahead of time to help build excitement for the game and to help GSC secure a publishing deal at E3.

He also discussed the fact that parts of the original STALKER development team are working on STALKER 2 right now. These are certainly interesting developments, and make for some intriguing developments for the upcoming STALKER sequel. It makes sense that it’s still such a ways off, though, and hopefully the game will end up finding a publisher in the near future.


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