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The Sims 4’s Next Expansion is Seasons; Everything You Need to Know


The Sims 4’s Next Expansion is Seasons; Everything You Need to Know

The Sims 4 has a new expansion incoming, and it’s Seasons. Many fans have long speculated that weather would be the next pack added, and it’s time for every simmer to dust off their snowboards and surfboards.

Set for release on June 22, The Sims 4 Seasons brings four new seasons complete with holidays to celebrate, activities to do, and weather to deal with. As you can imagine, each season will have their own stuff for sims to do.

Apparently, your sims will be able to build snowmen, create snow angels, and use an ice skating rink in the winter. Spring is the time for rain, puddles, the great outdoors, and even lets you “earn badges as a scout.” Sounds like there will be some boy and girl scouts gameplay we can expect. If this one’s anything like The Sims 3’s seasons, we can expect the romantic holiday to take place during this time.

Summer is all about staying cool. Pool gameplay will definitely be a thing, y’all, so get your bathing suits ready and your grills started. And finally, Fall is all about the falling leaves, “harvesting honey,” and making some holiday crafts. No doubt that some spooky, costume holiday will have to do with this time.

As for specifics on the holidays, New Year appears to definitely be making its debut in the series. Love Day is also confirmed as that romantic holiday. The Harvest Fest will probably be Fall’s, and there’s definitely a Winter holiday that stars Father Winter as the Santa equivalent.

There will of course be new build and buy items as well as CAS options, but the new career will be the Gardening one. There will be a Botanist track for the science-y side of things, apparently.

And finally (this is perhaps the coolest news to come from this announcement) players can create their own custom holidays! You can choose when and how your sims will celebrate whatever you decide to give them. Anniversaries, anyone?

The Sims 4 Seasons is an expansion pack and releases for PC and Mac on June 22.

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