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N++ Flips and Ninja Twists Onto Switch This Month


N++ Flips and Ninja Twists Onto Switch This Month

Metanet Software’s ninja-centric platformer N++ will be headed to Switch this month, the developer has just announced. That means you’ll be able to hone all those amazing ninja skills as much as you’d like on the go or at home soon…or fail spectacularly at the platformer, whatever floats your boat.

Take on the bite-sized play sessions in N++ and challenges yourself on the go, with local co-op and competitive multiplayer that Metanet Software describes as “*Italian chef kisses fingers*.” Simple and intuitive controls ensure you’ll be floating through the air and jumping from platform to platform effortlessly as you get a better feel for the game’s mechanics with every play session. It’s a minimalistic adventure that features over 100+ unlockable color schemes, six hours of electronic music, and 4340 levels to keep the party going, well, forever. That’s a lot of levels.

You can use multiplayer co-op and race modes with your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers or indulge in Solo and Hardcore campaign modes with plenty of unlockable secrets. Check out the announcement trailer below ahead of its May 24 release, complete with plenty of accolades in case you need to read others’ praises to help you make a buying decision.

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