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May’s Octopath Traveler Overview Trailer Shows off Additional Protagonists


May’s Octopath Traveler Overview Trailer Shows off Additional Protagonists

Square Enix’s latest Octopath Traveler trailer is a gorgeous new look at more of the introductions the eight different protagonists will feature in-game. This time, we get a look at Cyrus the scholar and Ophilia the cleric, as well as additional details about what kind of abilities they can use.

Cyrus is on a journey to uncover a lost home that holds the key to several ancient mysteries. His special Path Action is “Scrutinize,” which allows him to extract information from other characters, glean additional information from various situations, and utilize it to solve various mysteries.

Ophilia is a servant of the Order of the Sacred Flame, on a pilgrimage to bring light back to the darkened realm. Her Path Action is “Guide,” which lets her take others along with her on her travels and lead them to places that they need to go, which lets her solve various problems that require a little traveling.

The trailer also briefly explores the Talents and Party Formation systems, which will be integral to getting on your feet and getting your journey underway in the upcoming RPG.

Octopath Traveler is coming to Switch worldwide on July 13, and is available for preorder now.

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