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Gears of War Studio Head Would Love to See Brumaks in Monster Hunter World


Gears of War Studio Head Would Love to See Brumaks in Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World obviously has its share of awesome monsters, but there’s one that’s missing. Studio head at Gears of War developer The Coalition thinks it’s the Brumak from Gears of War, and he’s looking to see the behemoth added to Monster Hunter World. If that doesn’t sound like an amazing idea, you’ve probably never played Monster Hunter World before.

Fergusson recently tweeted at the Capcom team wondering who he’d need to chat with if he wanted to get the Brumak into Monster Hunter, and while nothing has been announced or confirmed just yet, it sure would make for a thrilling fight if the wizards who put together Monster Hunter World let that happen.

The massive Brumak in Gears of War was at the center of some pretty out-there boss fights and an interesting assortment of encounters, so a chance to take one out using the tools and weapons provided to you in Monster Hunter World would make for some pretty sweet missions. Don’t get your hopes up just yet, especially since the Brumak has a weapon on its back, but it could make for a fun Easter egg or something further on down the line. We could at least see a fun nod to this tweet exchange in the future, since that wouldn’t cause too much trouble!

Would you want to fight a Brumak in Monster Hunter World?

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