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Frostpunk’s 2018 Development Road Map Includes Five Free Major Updates


Frostpunk’s 2018 Development Road Map Includes Five Free Major Updates

The 2018 development road map for 11 Bit Studios’ city-building survival game Frostpunk was revealed today on Steam. It includes five large updates with smaller updates for bugs and stability in between. Best of all, the DLC will all be free.

The free content begins dropping in June with the Survivor update, which will introduce a new mode to make the experience even more challenging. No details yet on what exactly that means, but 11 Bit Studios says new “special modifiers” in the mode will bring the game’s difficulty to a new level.

After the Survivor update comes People & Automatons, which will bring more customization to the game, specifically the ability to name your citizens and automatons. The developers hope to eventually bring more customization options to the game as well.

A new scenario will come after the People and Automatons update in the The Builders update. Promised to be the largest update of the year, 11 Bit Studios doesn’t want to say anything about it other than it will have its own story.

An Endurance mode is also coming, which is being added after player requests for an endless or sandbox mode. Endurance mode will have a distinctive 11 Bit Studios take on the mode, however.

Finally, Frostpunk wraps up 2018 with Winter Snapshots, a photo mode. A “special surprise” is also planned for the final update of the year.

Frostpunk’s updates won’t end with the calendar year, however, and the developers intend to keep implementing new ideas into the game past 2018.

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