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Death Stranding Will Feature a “Global Player Collaboration” Experience

mads mikkelsen in death stranding

Death Stranding Will Feature a “Global Player Collaboration” Experience

Death Stranding is an enigma wrapped in a puzzle locked behind a mystery. What is the game’s plot? What mechanics will the game feature? Just what is up with that weird baby in Norman Reedus’ throat? Every time we get an answer, several more questions pop up. The only thing we know for sure is players from all over the world will have to team up and cooperate in order to experience everything the game has to offer,.

During an interview with Total Film Magazine (which is part of GamesRadar’s website), Death Stranding actor Mads Mikkelsen stated the game will require teamwork from players:

“The whole concept of playing the game, as I understand, needs collaboration from different people from different parts of the world, which is also another level of fantastic-ness.”

While Mikkelsen’s comment is fairly vague, it could mean one of two things. The first possibility is that Death Stranding will focus on cooperative multiplayer. The second, however, is that the game will feature bonus content that can only be accessed when players, as a community, achieve certain goals. This could potentially be in the same vein as the hidden cutscene in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain that can only be viewed when players disarm all the nukes in their region.

Of course, Mikkelsen’s statement could be nothing more than the result of a misunderstanding. After all, according to Mikkelsen, Director Hideo Kojima’s storyboard is as surreal as it is confusing. “He (Kojima) tries to explain it again and again, and I thought I had it, but then this happens and I’ve lost it again,” explained Mikkelsen. “It’s too complicated. It’s too crazy. It’s too beautiful.” But, even if he doesn’t fully understand the plot or the features of Death Stranding, Mikkelsen is confident that, whatever the state of the final product, the game will wow audiences.

With any luck, we will learn more about Death Stranding during E3 2018.

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