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The Terminator Invades Fallout 4 With This Cool Mod


The Terminator Invades Fallout 4 With This Cool Mod

Fallout 4 seems like it’d be a match made in heaven with the Terminator movies for some reason. Maybe it’s because Terminators feel like something ripped straight out of the Wasteland, dangerous as it is. Maybe it’s just because they’re two cool properties meshed together. Either way, this Fallout 4 mod is an interesting one. You can name yourself John or Sarah Connor and meet up with new cyborg NPCs in the mod Marked for Termination, and it’s available for free.

When your character gets to level 10, you’ll meet the two new cyborgs, one of which will try to kill you, and the other that’ll try to protect you. You can’t kill either one of them, however, and if you’re trying to play through the game like you’d normally do in Fallout 4, you might open yourself up to some interesting consequences if the enemy cyborg happens upon you. Hey, it was your choice to install the mod, right?

The cyborg that tries to kill you will only move so quickly, however, but it’ll reach you if you stand still long enough. Luckily you’ve got your friendly cyborg by your side, as well as whichever companion you choose, so you’re sort of “doubly” protected from harm as it were. What’s the endgame for all this? A more difficult game, of course. Sound like your kind of thing? Pick up the mod for free and see how long you can hold out. It’s an interesting premise, to say the least.

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