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Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher Slips Into Ghost Recon Wildlands This Week

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher Slips Into Ghost Recon Wildlands This Week

Splinter Cell hero Sam Fisher is creeping back out of the shadows to appear in a Special Operation players can take part in this week in Ghost Recon Wildlands. Last weekend Ubisoft first teased the mission with a short video clip, but now the cat’s been let out of the bag as far as the actual operative goes. Sam Fisher is officially back since being essentially out of the picture since 2013, and Michael Ironside is even along for the ride as Fisher’s voice this time around, which is great news for everyone involved right?

In Sam’s latest mission, he’s been tracking a new CIA target all the way to Bolivia, where he’s been sent to figure things out. His old friends the Ghosts are around to assist him, so things are going to do down in a big blaze of glory, as you can expect.

The Splinter Cell-themed operative will be released as a free add-on as part of Special Operations 1, the upcoming Ghost Recon Wildlands update that’s coming in addition to the Wildlands Year 2 content update. It’ll include a new Ghost War PvP class which is based on Sam Fisher’s original Third Echelon unit, which also means you get his night-vision goggles and a night vision filter as well as a smattering of new weapons too.

You can get your hands on all this new content as part of Special Operation 1 tomorrow, April 10, 2018. You can play it for free as part of the Ghost Recon Wildlands free weekend, which runs from April 12 through April 15. You can nab the Splinter Cell mission rewards all the way until May 16.

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