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Fortnite is Now the Biggest Free-to-Play Console Game Ever

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Fortnite is Now the Biggest Free-to-Play Console Game Ever

Fortnite, the popular game from Epic Games, has proven itself to be king of the battle royale genre in terms of active player count, but according to new information from market intelligence company SuperData it’s also the largest free-to-play console game ever in terms of revenue and monthly player count.

According to SuperData, Fortnite generated $223 million in revenue in March alone, making it the game’s best month yet. The monthly revenue represents a 73 percent increase from February, and SuperData partly credits the month’s success to Drake’s livestream of the game.

When rapper Drake started streaming the game in March with the popular streamer Ninja, the stream on Twitch was so successful it took the title for having the most concurrent viewers of a non-tournament stream with more than 635,000 viewers at its peak. Last week Ninja broke that record again with a Fortnite stream viewed by 680,000 people at once.

While Fortnite is king of the free-to-play market on consoles, it finds itself in fifth place among the free-to-play experiences on PC

Fortnite is not just a success on consoles and PC, as it also finds itself at the top of the sales chart for games on iOS.

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