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LawBreakers Devs Talk Going Free-to-Play, Announce Work on New Passion Project


LawBreakers Devs Talk Going Free-to-Play, Announce Work on New Passion Project

Boss Key Productions, Cliff Bleszinski’s studio behind LawBreakers, has released its first statement about the game since December, but despite telling us the “very real truth,” it doesn’t say much about the game most people couldn’t already surmise.

Boss Key says LawBreakers, which released last August for PlayStation 4 and PC, didn’t gain a large enough audience to monetarily keep it sustained the way the company originally wanted.

The statement also mentions the potential to turn the game free-to-play, which was the original intention before it shifted to a pay-to-play model during development. Don’t look for a shift back to free-to-play anytime soon however, as the statement clarifies a change that large takes a lot of resources to implement. Until then the company promises to support LawBreakers in its present state, stating the team is “determined to give this game the second life it deserves.”

The studio says it has a few cards up its sleeves, teasing a new passion project with fresh creative leaders that have complete control over the game. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for more details on this new project, and for any other news about LawBreakers. Despite this, this is still more information than we got in December’s update, which essentially said “Sorry we can’t deliver the post-release content we promised.”


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