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Suda51 Is Working on an Unknown Follow-Up to a Secret Game


Suda51 Is Working on an Unknown Follow-Up to a Secret Game

Goichi “Suda51” Suda is bringing us the next entry in the No More Heroes saga Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes already, but it looks like he’s also working on something else that we aren’t currently going to be privy to at this time. Thanks to a tease in the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, we can assume that he’s also developing something awesome that Famitsu’s excited about too.

The interview goes a little something like this:

Goichi Suda: “Actually, we’re also developing – – – .”

Famitsu: “It’s finally coming! I can’t help but have expectations for it!”

As far as what the game could be, a few suggestions that would be absolutely tantalizing would be another Lollipop Chainsaw, or perhaps even a Killer7, which would be a delight and a huge surprise. Given that Killer7 and Flower, Sun, and Rain are likely getting remasters in the future, it could certainly be a real thing. Who wouldn’t want to return to that trippy world?

There aren’t many additional details about what could be coming from the twisted mind of Suda51, but hopefully it’s a game we’ve all been waiting for. As more information slips out in the coming weeks, we’ll keep you updated.


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