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HORI Are Releasing a Switch Joy-Con Controller With an Actual D-Pad

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HORI Are Releasing a Switch Joy-Con Controller With an Actual D-Pad

The official Switch’s left Joy-Con controller unfortunately gives up a staple feature in order to function as a standalone controller: a D-Pad. HORI’s new Switch accessory, the Mobile Mode Exclusive Cross Connector for Nintendo Switch (as it’s listed on Play-Asia) attempts to remedy this issue. The product is a left Joy-Con style controller that differs from Nintendo’s own left Joy-Con by replacing the face buttons with an actual D-Pad.

However, there are a number of features that HORI’s controller will be lacking compared to Nintendo’s. It won’t have HD rumble, gyro sensors, or an accelerometer. This means that motion controls will not be possible with this controller. It will also not include any Bluetooth functionality, and will therefore not function as a wireless controller. It can only be used in handheld mode, requiring a directl connection to the Switch console.

HORI’s controller does cost considerably less than Nintendo’s Joy-Cons, which are priced at $49.99. HORI’s controller is available to pre-order from Play-Asia for $23.99. It will release on July 31, 2018.

Play-Asia’s description of the product is as follows: “It is the L side controller dedicated to the portable mode. By installing it on the Nintendo Switch body, you can operate the cross button for easy enter commands.”

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