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Far Cry 5 Live Events Release Date


Far Cry 5 Live Events Release Date

Far Cry 5 Live Events Release Date

Live events present a rare opportunity for players to feel like they are involved with a real, organic world, and Ubisoft is rolling them out for Far Cry 5. For anyone participating, the event will reward with various perks.

The hosted live events will commence on April 3. Players who successfully complete these challenges within the allocated time frame will receive unique vehicle and weapon skins. These can be claimed by all players, regardless of what version of the game they possess – none of these will be exclusive to players who forked out the extra cash for the season pass or limited edition versions of the game, and will instead be rewarded based on participation and skill.

What, exactly, these live events will entail has not yet been detailed, but it will doubtlessly push players’ abilities to their limits.

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