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Demon’s Souls’ Multiplayer Lives on Through a Private Server

Demon's Souls

Demon’s Souls’ Multiplayer Lives on Through a Private Server

Less than a week ago, Atlus shut down the Demon’s Souls servers, but dedicated gamers refuse to let the game die. Through a little digital necromancy, gamers can hop into the multiplayer mode of the game that served as the blueprint for the Souls franchise.

A little under a week ago, a reddit user by the name of DmnSlsServerEmu started a thread announcing a “temporary private server.” This server only works with NA and EU copies of Demon’s Souls, but connecting is rather easy and pain-free. All players have to do is manually change the DNS settings on their console, and voila, they’re playing the Demon’s Souls multiplayer on a private server.

This reddit thread is currently one of the most popular on the Demon’s Souls subreddit, accumulating over 260 upvotes (and counting) and is full of heartfelt thanks from gamers who are trying the private server for themselves.

While this private server seems like a godsend to Demon’s Souls fans, gamers should be wary of the dangers of private DNS servers. Hackers who sneak into the server can modify it to steal a user’s data. Granted, they can only steal the data that is on the PlayStation 3, so gamers who don’t use the console’s browser or don’t buy games digitally through the console should be relatively safe.

As DmnSlsServerEmu stated at the beginning of the thread, the private server will only be up temporarily. Eventually, either he (or she) will be unable to maintain the server or Atlus/Sony will send a cease and desist letter that forces the server to be shut down, at which point the game’s multiplayer will be permanently dead. So, gamers who want to dive into the world of Demon’s Souls multiplayer once again might want to give the private server a go while they still can. As many have stated in the thread, “the world might be mended.”

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