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Nintendo Labo Overview Trailer Shows Gameplay and How It All Works


Nintendo Labo Overview Trailer Shows Gameplay and How It All Works

Nintendo Labo is certainly a new and unique concept in the world of video games that may have had you scratching your head when it was first revealed. Its uniqueness raises the question of how it all works, and how does the physical hardware actually interact with the games. Nintendo has released a new overview trailer that tries to answer some of these questions.

The trailer is split into five sections: make, play, discover, invent, and customize. Firstly, the make section shows what the Labo kits come with, and how the software will guide you through the process of creating toy-cons (which is the term that Nintendo has coined for your cardboard constructions). Each kit comes with sheets of cardboard, any additional parts required, as well as the game software itself. The interactive instructions on your Switch system take you through the assembly process step-by-step.

The play section of the trailer shows how you’ll be able to use your creations. One example shown is an RC car that moves using the joycons’ HD rumble feature. It also shows gameplay for a piano game, a fishing game, a racing game, a robot game, and a game where you “play with a mysterious little creature” in a house that you make out of the cardboard. The discover section sheds a little light on how each construction works using the technology of the Nintendo Switch. It’s quite fascinating.

The invent and customize sections show how people are able to come up with their own creations. It encourages you to give your toy-cons some personal flair using paint, stickers, or by modifying the shape with scissors. A Customization Set for Nintendo Labo will be available to purchase that comes with different stickers, including some Mario and Splatoon themed ones.

Nintendo has also released two videos that specifically detail what comes in the Variety Kit and Robot Kit, as well as showed off more gameplay footage from the included software.

Nintendo Labo will be releasing in the US for Switch on April 20.

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