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Metal Gear Survive: Is It Xbox One X Enhanced?


Metal Gear Survive: Is It Xbox One X Enhanced?

Is Metal Gear Survive Xbox One X Enhanced?

If you’re looking to play Metal Gear Survive on a console, and you happen to have a 4K television or display, you’ll probably want to know if the game can take advantage of that. Well, Metal Gear Survive has been listed as an Xbox One X Enhanced title, though it’s worth noting that Konami hasn’t exactly provided any concrete details on what that entails just yet.

At the very least, we can expect that the game’s resolution should look a little nicer on the Xbox One X, along with more detailed textures, character models, and environments. Enhanced games have also provided graphical settings and options in the past, and given that Metal Gear Survive is rather combat-focused, we might see some graphical options available here as well. For those who might not necessarily care too much for the 4K resolution, the game could potentially offer options that allow players to choose between prioritizing graphical fidelity and a higher frame rate.

Digital Foundry has also posted a video of gameplay footage from the beta on both the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. The results look similar for the most part, and Xbox One X owners will be able to enjoy a smooth experience overall.

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