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Metal Gear Survive: Is There Splitscreen Co-Op?


Metal Gear Survive: Is There Splitscreen Co-Op?

Is There Splitscreen Co-Op in Metal Gear Survive?

Whether it be on your own or with up to four other people online, Metal Gear Survive allows you the chance to experience the thrill of fighting a zombie horde from the comfort of your living room. Given this, one can’t help but to wonder whether or not the game allows you and a buddy the opportunity to play alongside each other in a splitscreen co-op mode.

Unfortunately, Metal Gear Survive doesn’t include the feature at all. That’s not to say that the game couldn’t receive it later on in the year through an update or patch, but for now players will have to experience everything it has to offer either solo or with some teammates online. There’s definitely plenty of fun to be had cooperatively, but that’s all relegated to the title’s online component at the time of writing. The potential joy of fighting zombie hordes with a friend physically there with you by your side is there, so here’s hoping Konami implements something in the near future.

For now, your friend will have to connect with you online in order to participate in a gaming session or two in Metal Gear Survive. As noted earlier, up to three other people can join you on your mission to make it back to reality in one piece, helping you rid scores of crystalline creatures while you protect a beacon that’ll ensure your escape.

That’s all you need to know about splitscreen co-op in Metal Gear Survive. Be sure to check out our wiki for more tips, tricks, and guides for Metal Gear Survive.

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