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Let It Die Has Been Downloaded Four Million Times


Let It Die Has Been Downloaded Four Million Times

GungHo Online Entertainment’s Let It Die has topped four million downloads in just over a year following its original Dec. 2016 release. That’s a lot of downloads, as you’ll probably agree. GungHo just made the news public, and it’s not that surprising to hear the game has made such a splash since its debut.

Let It Die has been seeing regular content update with new collaborations, seasonal in-game events, and lots of other goodies to keep players intrigued. The free-to-play hack and slash title from Grasshopper Manufacture follows players as they work under a grim reaper known as Uncle Death, who loves to skateboard and wear kooky glasses — you’ve probably seen his image online somewhere. As you play the game you’ll move through a tower with different kinds of weapons, armor, and more as you kill off enemies and eat mushrooms to stay in the game.

When you die, your “death data” will be gathered and shuffled out into other players’ games and you’ll actually appear as an opponent. It’s a pretty interesting element, and probably one of the reasons the game has found such popularity since its debut.

In celebration of the four million download milestone, GungHo Online Entertainment will be hosting a livestream on Fen. 27 at 10 PM on Twitch. You won’t want to miss it!

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