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Diablo III’s 13th Season Now Live; Brings Awards New and Old

Diablo III, necromancer beta

Diablo III’s 13th Season Now Live; Brings Awards New and Old

Time to get started on a new Diablo III character, because season 13 has arrived with new rewards. The latest season, which is now live, features new rewards including Imperius (the Archangel of Valor) themed portraits and Blaine’s Bear, a new pet. Players who haven’t earned them in prior seasons will also have another chance at the helm and shoulder slot pieces for the Conqueror Transmogrification Set.

Diablo III Season 13

Another stash tab can be earned by players who have fewer than four from previous seasons.

A number of conquests, or challenges, will be on rotation throughout the season:

  • Sprinter and Speed Racer can be conquered by completing Acts I-V in under an hour on normal and hardcore modes, respectively.
  • Divinity can be earned by completing Greater Rift Level 75 solo on normal mode, and Lionhearted can be earned by doing so in hardcore mode.
  • Curses! will be earned by anyone who kills 350 monsters during a Cursed Chest event on Torment X difficulty, with Stars Aligned being awarded for doing so on Hardcore mode.
  • Reaching level 45 without any set items will award The Thrill, with doing so on Hardcore mode earning Super Human.
  • Mastering eight Set Dungeons on normal and Hardcore mode awards Master of the Universe and Masters of Sets, respectively.

There’s also Haedrig’s Gift, which will be awarded once again for finishing certain chapters this season. The set piece you’ll get is dependent on the Class of the character that opens each gift, so you’ll have to have one character open all three gifts (awarded after the completion of chapters two, three, and four) to unlock a full set.

Diablo III Season 13

Joining a Diablo III Season requires starting a fresh character to make sure everybody is on an even playing ground. During the season players will complete challenges, earn gear, and fight for a top spot on the leaderboards. Once the season ends, the character used throughout the season will be changed into non-seasonal characters, ensuring they can continue to be used.

While this is the 13th season for PC players, it’s the 4th season to occur since Blizzard started hosting them for console players as well.

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