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Upcoming Spider-Man PS4 Game Isn’t Short, Takes “Multiple Days” to Finish

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Upcoming Spider-Man PS4 Game Isn’t Short, Takes “Multiple Days” to Finish

Long and sweet.

Insomniac Games conducted a two-day long playtest for its upcoming Spider-Man PS4 game and the team’s newly hired design director hinted that the game isn’t a slouch in terms of length.

On Twitter, Brian Horton said it took him “multiple days” to finish each playthrough of Marvel’s Spider-Man. A lengthy play time definitely expected, considering this is an open-world game, which will likely include plenty of side quests. Horton’s statement also indicates that the game is playable from start to end, but is likely far from being feature-complete.

As revealed earlier this week, Insomniac Games had a studio-wide playtesting for its Spider-Man PS4 game. QA Tester Chris Sosnowski said he and his co-workers “get paid to play video games all day” during the playtesting period

While not specified by anyone from Insomniac Games, Horton might have gotten to play for “multiple days” more instead of two. Presumably, this was done to help him get him up to speed with Marvel’s Spider-Man, considering he just joined the team in Jan. 2, 2018.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is slated to launch sometime in 2018 exclusively on PS4.

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