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Nintendo Announces Nintendo Labo


Nintendo Announces Nintendo Labo

Time to build your own goodies with Nintendo!

Today during a special livestream, Nintendo announced Nintendo Labo, a new line of “play and build” experiences. It looks to be one of the most ambitious projects from the company to date, especially with its involvement in the maker space.

With just a piece of cardboard and a Joy-Con controller, you can make awesome creations with your Nintendo Switch hardware, including a 13-key piano, a motorbike, fishing pole, and a wide breadth of other things like new “Toy-Con” creations alongside detailed step-by-step instructions.

Releasing Apr. 20, there are currently two official Toy-Con sets up for grabs in the form of the Toy-Con Variety Kit for $69.99, and the Toy-Con Robot Kit for $79.99. There’s also a Customization Kit you can nab to make your creations truly yours, with two rolls of tape, stencil sheets, and sticker sheets to get things going. There are some pretty cute Mario stickers there, and while you still need markers or some other creative tools to make your cardboard look snazzy, it’s a good start. The kit is $9.99.

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