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Nintendo Has Revealed the Full Voice Cast for ARMS


Nintendo Has Revealed the Full Voice Cast for ARMS

A diverse cast for a varied roster.

While the game has been out for about half a year now, Nintendo has been strangely tight-lipped on the voice cast for their new fighting game ARMS. Following the release of the final fighter, Dr. Coyle, Nintendo has finally opened the lid on the people behind the colorful cast of characters.

The voice actor behind Dr. Coyle, Donna Burke, recently tweeted about her involvement in the Nintendo Switch game. Two weeks after this tweet, Nintendo acknowledged her work on the game, along with the rest of the voice cast, in a heartfelt tweet by the official ARMS Twitter account. Thanks to the unofficial ARMS fan translation Twitter account, we are able to read the message by Nintendo.

The full voice cast for ARMS is as follows:

  • Spring Man- Peter Von Gomm
  • Ribbon Girl – Momoka Kawasaki
  • Ninjara – Kenji Takahashi
  • Master Mummy – Kouji Takeda
  • Min Min – Haruna Takatsu
  • Mechanica – Ayumi Fujimura
  • Twintelle – Adeyto
  • Kid Cobra – Ryouta Takeuchi
  • Maxbrass – Dominic Allen
  • Lola Pop – Soness Stevens
  • Misango – Toru Sakurai
  • Dr. Coyle – Donna Burke

It’s definitely a diverse voice cast featuring actors from several different countries, including Japan, Australia, and France among others.


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