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Nintendo Aims to Sell 20 Million Switch Units Next Fiscal Year

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Nintendo Aims to Sell 20 Million Switch Units Next Fiscal Year

A Switch for every household.

Nintendo is a Switch-selling machine, and it doesn’t look like the company will be slowing down at any point next fiscal year. After selling 10 million Switches and nearly on the way to selling 14 million units within the console’s first year on store shelves, Nintendo is looking to sell 20 million units in the next Japanese fiscal year.

Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima spoke to Kyoto Shimbun in an interview where he discussed the console and how it continues to surpass expectations in terms of the Switch’s sales targets. Kimishima also spoke briefly on the console’s issues being kept in stock at the various retailers that have difficulty keeping it available for eager Switch faithful.

With the sales targets Nintendo is hoping for, it certainly isn’t out of the realm of possibility that a whole 20 million more Switch units could be moved for the next fiscal year. Imagine all the different games coming to the system and even more being announced in the coming months, and the general fervor for the Switch itself. It seems far less lofty when you consider all of that, doesn’t it?


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