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Night in the Woods Is Coming to Switch This February

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Night in the Woods Is Coming to Switch This February

What’s hiding deep in the woods?

Infinite Fall’s adventure game Night in the Woods is hitting Nintendo Switch, and a lot sooner than you might have thought. It’s coming to Nintendo’s latest handheld on Feb. 1 for just $19.99, so if you didn’t already pick the game up during one of the many Steam sales or other times it was pretty cheap, now’s your chance.

The tale, which follows 20-year-old Mae as she returns to her hometown of Possum Springs, is a dark yet hopeful tale with a gripping narrative that you’ll want to see to the end. With a quirky and unique art style, it begs you to check out its various nooks and crannies as you uncover the secrets Possum Springs has kept hidden for so long. There’s some heavy stuff happening in the game, but it’s definitely worth checking out.

Chalk another one up to the Switch as the hallowed console and PC port king, and make some space on those SD cards for another download you’re going to want to take with you everywhere.


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