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Microsoft Says First-Party Titles Will Be Permanent Part of Game Pass

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Microsoft Says First-Party Titles Will Be Permanent Part of Game Pass

Microsoft is pushing Game Pass, and they’re pushing it hard.

After the recent announcement that all first-party Microsoft titles would be a part of the Game Pass lineup, some became skeptical as to whether or not such additions would be permanent or time-sensitive. Fortunately for Game Pass subscribers and Xbox One owners, Microsoft officially confirmed that all first-party, exclusive titles will become permanent additions to Game Pass.

Microsoft is continuing to bolster the subscription service, and this addition cues a huge sigh of relief from those hopeful of Game Pass’ potential. Up to this point, the lineup has featured rotating titles, and stability for Game Pass is great news for both it and the subscription platform as a whole.

This announcement, which came from Aaron Greenburg and Major Nelson at Microsoft, places Sony in an interesting place. Currently twice the price of Xbox’s offering, PlayStation Now faces hard decisions regarding whether or not Microsoft’s recent changes to its subscription platform are worth emulating. The impact that this newly refined subscription model will have on retail will also be interesting to follow.

This post was originally written by Sean Pyle.

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