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Hit the Infallible Joins the Dragon Ball FighterZ Roster


Hit the Infallible Joins the Dragon Ball FighterZ Roster

Hit me with your best shot.

The Dragon Ball FighterZ roster is a solid one, with the addition of characters like Vegeta and Goku Black making things even more interesting. Now Hit the Infallible, also known as Hit, is being showcased. The legendary assassin of Universe 6 is just as purple and bald as you remember him, with his awful-looking costume and stoic nature available for you to fight with when the game comes out.

Hit’s showcase trailer shows him walking up to the fight crystallizing the ground before rushing toward SSGSS Goku and pummeling him into oblivion. We already know he’s massively powerful, but that’s driven home in this short clip for Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Check out Hit and his escapades below, and don’t forget to jump into the Dragon Ball FighterZ beta, which begins Jan. 16 and runs through Jan. 16.


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