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Hi-Rez CEO Says Nintendo Switch Games Are in the Studio’s Near Future


Hi-Rez CEO Says Nintendo Switch Games Are in the Studio’s Near Future

SMITE on Switch?

During a press conference at HRX 2018, Hi-Rez Studios CEO Erez Goren confirmed that the developer will have games coming to the Nintendo Switch soon. When asked if Hi-Rez Studios had any plans to port their games to the Switch or create brand new content for the Switch, Goren quickly responded with an excited “yes.” It was a swift response that was followed up by a public relations representative for the company with, “The PR answer would be maybe.” Goren, on the other hand, was far more confident in his answer and playfully responded with “maybe yes,” while still nodding his head excitedly.

It’s a strong suggestion that Hi-Rez will indeed have a presence on the Nintendo Switch soon but, of course, it hasn’t technically been officially announced by the studio just yet. Goren also seemed to admit, however, that while he let one secret out of the bag he didn’t give up the real surprise. “I didn’t say what game it was,” he injected a few moments later. It doesn’t give Hi-Rez fans much information or even suggest what games might be coming to the Switch, but it’s safe to say that the studio has several games that seem like great candidates for a port to the hybrid console.

A new mobile strategy game called Bot Smashers was also announced at HRX that would be a great fit for the Switch’s handheld mode but the real question is whether or not the studio’s most popular games like SMITE and Paladins will be heading to the Switch any time soon.

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