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Head to Blizzard World and Deck out Your Fave Heroes With the Latest Overwatch Update


Head to Blizzard World and Deck out Your Fave Heroes With the Latest Overwatch Update

Talkin’ ’bout that Black Cat D.Va though.

At long last, Blizzard World is available to everyone in Overwatch, along with over 100 new items, spanning skins, player icons, sprays, emotes, and lots more for all 26 heroes. That means you should have plenty of new goodie for your favorite characters, no matter who you main. And you can start checking out Blizzard World without having to be logged into the PTR on PC. It’s about time, right?

There are some particularly awesome new skins, as you’ll see in the new sizzle reel below. Particularly, Kabuki Hanzo, Black Cat D.Va, Immortal Orisa, and Barbarian Zarya are real lookers, and don’t forget about Carbon Fiber Zenyatta. It’s clear Blizzard took some time to craft some memorable skins for even the “lesser” used heroes, and it shows.

Here’s everything that’s up for grabs with the new update:

Legendary Skins:

  • Blackhand Doomfist
  • Black Cat D.Va
  • Kabuki Hanzo
  • Asp Pharah
  • Capoeira Lúcio
  • Ecopoint: Antarctica Mei
  • Immortal Orisa
  • Crusader Reinhardt
  • Butcher Roadhog
  • Magni Torbjörn
  • Nova Widowmaker
  • Barbarian Zarya

Epic Skins:

  • Caution Junkrat
  • Royal McCree
  • Hellfire Reaper
  • Peacock Symmetra
  • Carbon Fiber Zenyatta


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