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Rose All Day With Goku Black in Dragon Ball FighterZ


Rose All Day With Goku Black in Dragon Ball FighterZ

You can play with this jerk if you want to.

Dragon Ball Super is chock full of interesting characters, namely Goku Black. What’s his deal, anyway, aside from being a jerk? Super Saiyan Rose sure does look cool and all, but it’s probably time for him to kick the bucket. Or come to Dragon Ball FighterZ, where he’s joining the fight ahead of the game’s Jan. 26 release.

You can see him in all his “evil Goku” glory without spoiling too much of the plot line from Super in the new trailer, including that sadistic smirk he likes to put on. All of the Z Fighters will likely take pleasure in beating him to a pulp, but you gotta hand it to him — he sure is pretty. That pink hair’s like a big wad of cotton candy, and it looks totally touchable, like if you combined Vegeta with Goku beyond a fusion and a lot of sugar, and…

…Moving on. You can play with Goku in the game when it launches later this month and you can also try out Dragon Ball FighterZ from Jan. 14 through Jan. 16 as it launches in open beta then.


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