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A New Dragon Age Game Is in the Works


A New Dragon Age Game Is in the Works

Dragon Age fans, rejoice! There’s more to come!

BioWare employee and executive producer on Dragon Age Mark Darrah took to Twitter today to announce to the world that he’s having a lovely time in Barcelona, showing off the upcoming Anthem to internal employees at EA. He’s also executive producer on Anthem, coincidentally. But he also said something of particular interest after that: There are people hard at work on “both franchises,” meaning Anthem and Dragon Age.

This, of course, means there’s a new Dragon Age project in the works, though there’s not really anything to go by or any additional details beyond that fact. Fortunately, we can take this as official confirmation that there’s something churning, and while Anthem is “first” as the tweet says, Darrah “looks forward” to sharing more in the future.

Unfortunately, that’s probably as good as it’s going to get for the time being until there’s some kind of formal announcement, but if it’s been far too long for you since Dragon Age Inquisition and you need your Dragon Age quotient filled, this should make your day.


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