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DontNod Breaks Down How To Make A Monster In Vampyr Dev Diary


DontNod Breaks Down How To Make A Monster In Vampyr Dev Diary

Sink your teeth into a new video.

DontNod Entertainment, creator of the Life Is Strange series, has released a development diary video, diving into the inner workings and thought processes behind their upcoming title Vampyr.

The first in a planned web series, the video covers what drew the team to vampire mythology as a focus, their approach to designing a fleshed out version of the classic monster and the different ways main character Jonathan Reid’s morality plays into the story. The team also covers the scope of their title and its place in the current gaming landscape.

Set in an early 20th century disease-ravaged London, Vampyr follows the doctor-turned-vampire Jonathan Reid, who is struggling to come to terms with his recent transformation. Seeking a cure, Reid must enhance his powers and journey into the shadows of the city’s underworld for answers, battling against zealot vampire hunters and creatures of the night alike. Players must choose how much or little they feed on other characters within the game, balancing increases in how much power they wield with the chaos and fear they instill in the city.

The game was set for release in 2017, but was delayed to give the team time to polish the title. Vampy is currently slated for release in Spring 2018 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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