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Vampyr Has Been Delayed to 2018 in Order Not to “Compromise Quality”


Vampyr Has Been Delayed to 2018 in Order Not to “Compromise Quality”

No blood until 2018.

Vampyr is an upcoming action role-playing game that will see players step into the shoes of a newly transformed vampire who is torn between his lust for blood and his moral code. The game will be set in London in 1918 during the Spanish flu epidemic and players will be able to explore the city as an open world.

As VG247 reports, Vampyr was set to be released later this year in November but fans will be disappointed to learn that it has now been delayed until the Spring of 2018. Developer Dontnod Entertainment has stated that the delay is necessary as it would rather delay the game than “compromise quality.” Dontnod went on to say the extra time will allow extra time for the “polishing and balancing phase.” Footage of the game in action was shown earlier this year at E3.

It’s always a shame when a hotly anticipated game gets delayed, but most gamers would agree that it’s better for a game to take its time and be great than to rush things and be poorer for it. Vampyr is set to be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.


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