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Capcom’s Holding a Feast for Monster Hunter Fans in London

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Capcom’s Holding a Feast for Monster Hunter Fans in London

All the meat and games you could ever want.

Rejoice all ye Monster Hunter Fans in the United Kingdom, because Capcom has something delicious in store for you! In preparation for the launch of the company’s upcoming Monster Hunter: World it is throwing a glorious meat feast at London’s Flat Iron Square from Thursday Jan. 25th to Sunday Jan. 28th. Did we also mention that it’s free to anyone over sixteen?

At the event that Capcom is calling “The Monster Hunter Meat Shack” you’ll be eating meat platters and burgers of “epic proportions” served from a humongous meat spit in the spirit of how Monster Hunter players can carve up beasts for a nice hearty meal. Also available are complimentary drinks and perhaps best of all, a hands-on demo of Monster Hunter: World via gaming consoles built in to each table.

As far as marketing for video games go, it’s certainly a fun way to kick off the new year. The event will be fully decked out on the Monster Hunter aesthetic with plenty of memorabilia, including a giant Rathalos head outside. It sounds like a great time. Unfortunately, a lot of other people seemed to think the same as tickets have already sold out. Don’t worry though, a second round of tickets will be available on Jan. 10th at the event’s page.

Below is an excerpt from the page describing the event:

The Monster Hunter Meat Shack sees diners share meat platters or burgers of epic proportions, served from a humungous meat spit, all for free while they play the new game. The experience mirrors that of the game, where players hunt giant and ferocious creatures before carving them up to create their armour gear or cook their findings on a BBQ to restore their health. Diners will be able to wash their hearty meals down with a complimentary drink, as well as getting hands-on with a demo of Monster Hunter: World, with in-built gaming consoles at each table.


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