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Atlus Has Released a Survey, Mentioning Persona 6, to Japanese Players

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Atlus Has Released a Survey, Mentioning Persona 6, to Japanese Players

Persona 6, please.

Have you always dreamed of a Persona board game? Well, you might be in luck. Earlier today, Atlus distributed a Japanese survey that asked some of their player base questions about future Atlus games. Fans of the Persona series are clamoring to know what’s next from the developer, and this survey may hint at the avenues they’ll consider in the near future. You can find the survey at this link. It hasn’t been working properly consistently, but hopefully it’ll be fully fixed soon.

Along with the potential board game, the survey seeks opinions on different spins on Persona. Some of the choices, like a strategy or fighting game, have already been done by Atlus. However, a few of the listed genres are uncharted territory for the developer, including a shooter. But besides all of the unusual genres Atlus is considering pairing with the typically-RPG series, the survey also directly asks about interest in Persona 6. The survey also targets platform preferences, asking players for their level of interest in Atlus properties on the PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation VR, PlayStation Vita, and mobile platforms.

In addition, the survey asks about remakes of several Atlus properties, including Devil Survivor, Etrian Odyssey, Persona, and Digital Devil Saga. Along with these mainline series, some of their spin-offs are mentioned, and Soul Hackers, Devil Summoner, and the Persona dancing games are a few of the spin-offs featured on the survey. Perhaps most interestingly, though, the survey asks players about their interest in Atlus developing an entirely new property. However, the line of questioning goes further, with a follow-up inquiry asking which of Atlus’ development teams fans would want to see handle a new project.

Atlus has been somewhat quiet recently, but this survey offers insight into some of the ideas the developer is considering. While knowing their exact next step is impossible, some type of wacky Persona spin-off seems like a safe bet.

This post was originally written by Sean Pyle.

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